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18 Eco-Friendly Gifts for Kids

It is easy to get carried away when buying gifts for kids. Endless options greet us as we enter toy stores or department stores, everything from barbies, to toy cars, to the latest must-have viral craze. But they are made from plastic, so much plastic! 

There are plenty of gifts for kids out there that will end up as microplastics in our oceans, but the good news is there are more and more eco-friendly options becoming available for our kids and the planet to enjoy.

Here are the best eco-friendly gifts for kids!

eco-friendly gifts for kids

1. Gardening Tool Kit

Eco-friendly gardening set is made from 100% plastic free with zero waste packaging. The tools actually work, so kids can enjoy digging in the garden, planting seeds, and helping parents with other little tasks outdoors.

2. Climate Warrior Cape

The cool cape is covered in the plants most at risk habitats and wildlife, and lets the owner color and create their own unique superhero cape – ready to be worn while they carry out their planet saving duties! This is a really cool gift to get kids using their imaginations and coming up with ideas on how they can do their bit for the planet.

3. Hiking Journal

A gift that not only encourages adventure, but also discovery and education on the great outdoors. This cool journal for kids is divided into two parts, the first is filled with fun activities such as making a map and completing treasure hunts that helps engage the senses while developing valuable skills in observation and mindfulness. The second part of the journal is a 30 day ‘sit spot’ mindfulness journal and Hiking Log that they can complete with their own findings.

4. Wool Slipper Socks

Keeping kids’ feet warm can be eco-friendly too. Not only are the materials good for the environment, but they’re also made by independent artisan women at home on their own schedules. Each pair of slippers includes a QR code that tracks them back to the group who created them.

5. Katamino Game

Made from 100% wood, this geometric brain-teaser is the hands on version to games a lot of kids probably play online. There are 500 challenges to be completed, keeping kids of all ages (and maybe even adults) busy and using their problem solving skills through play!

6. Fruit Protector and Ripening Buddy

This cute little guy is designed to keep fruits and vegetables fresh and ripe. Kids love to nibble on fruits throughout the day, but they are often left in random places around the house after only a few bites. Encourage kids to save their food for later and decrease food wastage but covering their half-eaten snacks with their new fruit buddy. Next time they want something to eat, their snack is there waiting for them!

7. Washable Lunch Bags

Reusable household items are an important part of creating a eco-friendly environment at home, and a great place to start is reusable lunch bags for kids (and parents!). Ideal for school lunches, these bags are made from washable insulated linen and a paper blend that keeps  lunch cool. Inside, they are fully insulated with a removable internal compartment that is also washable.

8. Cardboard Tool Kit

How often do we buy big elaborate gifts for kids only for them to have more fun with the packaging it came in. New tv’s and kitchen appliances all come in big fun boxes too, and we rarely know what to do with them. Keep them from now on so the kids can get creative with this kit. It includes a safe-saw for cutting cardboard, reusable plastic screws and screw-driver for fastening cardboard pieces together.

9. Build Your Own Marble Coaster

This fun DIY project will keep them busy as they build their creation, and then bring on hours of fun. Powered by a hand crank, there are no batteries in sight! The marble coaster runs on kid power and includes engaging instructions to make building it half the fun.

10. Natural Earth Paint Kit

Made from organic corn starch and natural earth and mineral pigments, these paints are planet-friendly and kid friendly and the best part is, after the paint is mixed, it will stay fresh for up to three weeks in the fridge. Beyond the paint being all natural, the kit itself is packaged in a 100% post-consumer recycled paper box, and the paint pouches are recyclable plastic.

11. Crayon Rocks

It’s not a secret that kids love to collect things such as shells, twigs, and rocks. But you don’t want their stuff taking over your house, so what can you do?

This is where crayon rocks come in!

Crayon rocks are pebble-shaped crayons that kids can use to color and draw with. They are made with non-toxic materials and soy-based wax which makes them biodegradable toys too! Not only do they look more interesting than normal crayons but they also can help your kids to learn how to hold a pencil and develop their writing skills later on.

12. Handmade Wooden Toy

Wooden toys are handmade eco-friendly toys that are made from 100% of wood. They are also unpainted which makes them free from any harmful substances and safe for even very young children to play with. There are many types of toys that can be made of wood, from  trucks, cars, dolls, to cooking toys.

13. Eco-friendly Dough

When it comes to kids and playtime, there’s nothing they love more than dough because kids can create new objects with ease!

Unfortunately, some doughs are made from harmful ingredients that could hurt kids. Thus, buying kids eco-friendly doughs that are made from all-natural ingredients with essential oils for a lovely scent are the solution. They also come with various colors where kids can mix and match to make new colors that they like. 

14. Organic Pajamas

Organic pajamas that are made from cotton which are very comfortable and eco-friendly. They are sold with various colors and themes in which you can choose freely for your kids’ gift.

15. Recycle Scooter

Kids usually love scooters. Recycled scooter is made from recycled fishing nets and plastic, so it’s eco-friendly. It also comes in interesting colors and designs, so your kids will love it.

But what really makes this scooter stand out is its replaceable parts. Most scooters are built to last, but they don’t all have parts that can be easily replaced—and that means they end up in a landfill when they’re no longer needed by your child. Not this one! It has easy-to-replace parts that make it possible for you to hand down the toy when your child outgrows it, reducing waste even further.

16. Stainless Steel Lunch Box and Water Bottle

Get kids used to healthy eating habits with stainless steel lunch boxes and water bottles. They’re made from eco-friendly and durable stainless steel! These awesome containers can help kids get into the habit of starting their day off right with a healthy and green-living lunch.

17. Educational Trip

A gift of an educational trip to science or children museums, zoos, and parks is such a memorable and fun reason for kids to learn about science and history. Introducing kids to be aware of the environment and teaching them to make positive impacts is a great start so they can help protect the environment. Thus, educational trip is a gift that can be both useful and fun for kids.

18. Eco-Bricks Building Block Set

Eco-brick building blocks are a great way to get kids to use their imagination. Each set comes with a variety of different style blocks, allowing for countless configurations and creations. They are customizable with colored pencils and are compatible with conventional building block alternatives.

eco-friendly gifts for kids

These gifts are sure to be winners with any environmentally conscious child and families who are looking to do their bit to keep their homes as eco-friendly as possible.