🔺📱 beneko app Version 1.0.2

Beneko keeps working hard on implementing new features and optimizing resources on our App to continue improving the customer experience and CPA’s. The release of the version 1.0.2 is here and with this we are one step closer to introducing the App to a broader audience.

Beneko, a mobile application, currently on phase ONE of a total of three phases, providing the best offers for premium electronics. Do you want a new smartphone? We have it cheaper for you. How? Our sales department, combined with AI technology, compares thousands of offers daily from the largest e-shops, European distributors and authorized resellers to bring you the best of the best.

What´s new

  1. Granular push-notifications.
    Our users will be able to decide which notifications they prefer to receive. Will it be our deal of the day, or our deal of the week, the theme of the month, the special offers or all of them? This new feature can be found under Settings > Notifications.
  2. TouchID sign-in.
    Our users will be able to quickly log-in with the TouchID interface. New users are prompted to Activate biometric log-in during the first session.
  3. Fixed Customer support message.
    Every new sentence starts with capital letter to ease legibility and comprehension.
  4. Push Notifications based on user language.
    Our Push Notifications are now linked with customer mother tongue. By translating messages and using expressions that make sense in that given language, we make sure that we match the language set on the user App.
  5. Lokalize update.
    Latest Lokalize language version added. Lokalise is the ultimate localization and translation management software tool that helps our product reach our target audience within the minimum time frame.

What´s Fixed

  1. Added haptic feedback to toggle buttons in push settings.
    It now taps or vibrates when you perform certain actions. It simulates a physical click on the non-mechanical Home button and delivers an incredibly precise and short taps, rather than extended vibrations.
  2. Bug fixing under the Wish section.
    The Wish section contained a bug at the Carousel level that was malfunctioning.
  3. Changed logic of Rating pre-permission.
    Now we show it after logging in ten (10) times within three (3) days.
  4. Message deduplication.
    If the user pushed the same message twice by mistake, only the initial message will be kept on the message interface section.
  5. The Wish section has a new look.
    We keep improving this section with new features, new categories and a better UX design. Plan your purchases ahead of time and save more. Let us know what device you want and what is your acceptable offer.
  6. The payment area has been improved for a quicker check-out.
    We have also included PayPal and Trustly as alternative payment options.
  7. Navigation improvement.
    Improved navigation throughout the app from child level to Epic.