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Over the past several years, impact investing – which intends to generate a positive, social or environmental impact alongside a financial return – has become more regular worldwide. However, Europe´s start-up ecosystem is yet difficult to overcome.

The Global Impact Investing Network´s (GIIN) Annual Impact Investor Survey 2020 sizes the market in a sky-rocketing $715bn. In 2012, it was valued at $8bn only.

Within the next years, there are numerous initiatives and measures to be reached, such as the United Nations´17 sustainable development goals (SDGs), an agenda that pushes for a healthier planet (socially and environmentally) in the next decade. Furthermore, policymakers in the European Union are looking to incentivize sustainable imports, engage with exporter governments and lobby them to address sustainability issues and create an enabling environment for businesses to produce sustainably and link markets that show strong demand for sustainable products.

68% of consumers are willing to pay more for a sustainable product – The Nielsen Company.

On top of that, consumers are raising their expectations and they care more about the impact their spending has on their habitat. A consumer survey from The Nielsen Company with more than 30,000 consumers found that 68% of consumers were willing to pay more for a sustainable product, up from 50% two years earlier. Sales growth by companies with a demonstrated commitment to sustainability was four times higher than that of competitors. Plus, 98.5% customers consider sustainability as a factor in product sourcing. Furthermore, 92% of retailers expect sales in sustainable products to increase in the next five years.

One reason for our company to focus on sustainability is to establish a relationship of trust with our customers.

In 2019, there were 50MT of E-waste worldwide, of which the EU produced 12MT. The EU only recovers circa 4 MT per year. That leaves 8MT annually unattended, and where do they go? To landfills and oceans.

In light of this, these ideas are worth considerating and debating. So far, at Beneko we have paved the way to lead the sustainable sourcing to be mainstreamed and promote the necessary actions within our business. We are optimistic that if we all work together, there can be a bright future for all the stakeholders.

There is excessive consumption and a large amount of waste. This is why our company has decided to focus on sustainability as part of its core. We want to live in a partnership with our world and so change is mandatory.


Beneko is the alternative to traditional marketplaces. A multicategory B2C marketplace selling products throughout Europe using Mirakl for the backend and Magento for the frontend.

Our marketplace will help sellers reach all EU countries without any boundaries. Cross-border has a YoY Growth of 13% and accounts for +25% of all E-commerce in the EU. Our marketplace is a multi-currency / multi-country / multi-language solution and it will rapidly host hundreds of vendors and tens of thousands of products. We are on the process to already maximize ROI from using our own Beneko App (launched on the 05th May 2020) and our Marketplace is a ready-to-go solution that we have developed and is ready to be deployed.

Our immediate strategic objectives are to launch in those countries where we have a foothold already, including 2 Million customers, local teams, logistics and partners: Spain, U.K., France, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic or Hungary and then expand towards the rest of the EU. In addition to that, our main partner is Turbado, a seller, who carries more than 500 SKUs and has a solid base and brand awareness throughout Eastern Europe.

We are prepared to launch and our first countries will be Spain, U.K., France, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic or Hungary and then expand towards the rest of the EU.


To make a contribution to the world by offering the best selection of products possible, at the most ekonomical price and through the best service. EKO is part of our own name, part of our ethos as a brand. We want it to be real, comprehensible and relevant for our customers. We want to encourage our consumers to take responsibility for their own consumption actions. Offering products and brands with ethical and ekological awareness while allowing consumers to return their second-hand products that can be reused in someone else´s hands or recycled.


Value proposition

Through an Impact Investing, you will help us to successfully deliver a unique customer experience which does not end from the moment of the purchase, but one which is extended until the product is brought back to us. Customers can return, upgrade their goods or exchange them for different products or cash. We then take care of their e-waste. From the moment of first engagement till the return of their product we are constantly available for helping and managing all requests. This way our partnership with consumers is not only during the purchase, but our image and reputation goes for a lifetime. This leads to longer-term engagement, higher customer satisfaction, increased LifeTime Value (LTV) and enhanced brand reputation and recognition.


Through a convertible bond, the Investor will invest in the project the capital required. This amount is a calculated total of 1.5M euros until we reach the breakeven point in 2022.

We expect to reach the following gross profit within the next five (5) years. However, we anticipate numbers will be improved by recent COVID-19 scenario:

Year 1: -378,228 euros
Year 2: -242,926 euros
Year 3: 814,568 euros
Year 4: 3,836,367 euros
Year 5: 15,495,642 euros

To see our budget, please check the presentation below.

Other options

Our ready-to-go solution allows us to prospect two other variants:

  1. As a Marketplace Enabler.
    To other retailers, price comparison sites etc. Who already have a solution that needs improvement or who have none.
  2. As an MVNO Operator.
    Embedding our solution into their website. This leads to long term engagement, higher customer satisfaction, increased LifeTime Value (LTV) and enhanced brand reputation and recognition.

Check the presentation below for more details.

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