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Our Consumers Speak, Beneko Acts – Introducing New Services To Our App 🔺📱

Beneko App now displays some important updates. We have built a new interface with the largest selection of mobile phones and we have integrated CleverTap, the best Retention Platform for High-Growth Mobile Apps. And this is not all…

At beneko we carefully consider our customers´ feedback. When Maniuś, Wiesław, Zdzisław or Adrian, amongst many others, gave us their feedback about beneko App we went back to the board and into design-thinking mode. What could we do to make it a better experience for them? These are some of the solutions we have implemented so far.


  1. New interface with the largest selection of mobile phones.
    We were aware our customers needed a different journey flow, easier and more comprehensible with a larger selection of products. The relationship of trust, we have built with our sellers overtime, allowed us to have it ready for our clients in a very limited time. The largest selection of mobile phones is now LIVE.
  2. Checkout interface and App navigation.
    Based on the comments received, we have generated a new flow both at the checkout and the navigation for a better and easier customer journey.
  3. CleverTap is now integrated.
    CleverTap is a SaaS based user retention platform for High-Growth mobile apps. It provides mobile app analytics, personalized experiences for our users and user engagement products to more than 5,000 companies including Sony, Vodafone, DC Comics, 7-Eleven or Domino´s.
  4. Directly open the client email from the App.
    Sometimes, users want to speed things up. Beneko is here to accomodate the flow to their needs. Do they need to confirm their email address or check and email they just received from us? Now they can do so directly from the App by just clicking the “Open mailbox” button where necessary.
  5. Direct communication via the Wish Section
    One of our most important features in the App, the Wish section, now allows our Customer Service to communicate directly with the client via App. This greatly improve the communication process. In addition to that, users with iOS can now create a new wish by simply tapping and holding the Wish icon at the Home page.


  1. Attachements are now allowed.
    The Customer Service is able now to send attachments directly to our clients through the App, and vice versa.
  2. Updated Wish Section.
    While we allowed our customers to provide the desirable price for their wishes through the interface, it was of no real use. We have now modified this and customers are able to send the best price they found (through a link) AND WE WILL BEAT THAT!
  3. Notifications and messages.
    Following feedback we have fixed the behaviour of the Push notifications. Previously, when a client clicked on it they were not directed to the offer page if the App was closed. Also, the messages through our push notifications are now kept short and to the point. No blurb. In addition to that, all unread messages are stored in a single location for a clear view.
  4. An aligned Mission and Vision.
    Our vision is what´s most important to us and we want customers to understand our commitment with the society and the planet. From now on our users will need to accept our vision in order to make a purchase.

We hope with this changes Maniuś, Wiesław, Zdzisław or Adrian will have a much better User Experience. We thank you all for your comments, this keeps us getting better and better.

beneko Mission

To contribute to the world by offering the best selection of products possible, at the most ekonomical price and through the best service. EKO is part of our own name, part of our ethos as a brand. We want it to be real, comprehensible and relevant for our customers. We want to encourage our consumers to take responsibility for their own consumption actions. Offering products and brands with ethical and ekological awareness while allowing consumers to return their second-hand products that can be reused in someone else´s hands or recycled.

beneko Vision

In 2019, there were 50MT of E-waste worldwide, of which the EU produced 12MT. The EU only recovers circa 4 MT per year. That leaves 8MT annually unattended, and where do they go? To landfills and oceans.

There is excessive consumption and a large amount of waste. Therefore our company has decided to focus on sustainability as part of its core. We want to live in a friendship with our world and change is needed. Choose Forward.

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