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These 5 iPhone Tricks Will Make Your Life So Much Easier!

We all know iPhones have a range of features that take us a while to figure out but evidently make our lives a lot easier. Whether it is creating handy shortcuts, using Siri to tell us the temperature outside, or turning on voice commands, there is really no limit to what our iPhones can do for us. But for every known iPhone tips and tricks, there are a handful of features that are still yet to be discovered. The features below have all been tried and tested and we can confirm that they are indeed very time-saving and convenient.

5 Tricks in Using iPhone

Siri message on the iPhone

Here are 5 tricks in using iPhone to make your life easier.

1. The “Back Tap” Feature 

Your most used apps are just a double tap away with this handy shortcut, and it’s going to blow your mind (and make your life a lot easier).

Go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch. Scroll down to the bottom and click Back Tap. Choose whether you’d prefer double or triple tap, and then select which function or shortcut you’d like it to perform. 

Using it is as easy as picking up your phone and tapping on the back with your finger, in the same area your pointer finger naturally sits on the back of your phone. This is a great shortcut for features you use frequently throughout the day that you need quick and easy access to at any given time. 

2. Type to Siri

We’re not always in a situation where we can call on Siri out loud to help us with our queries. We might be on a crowded train or in the middle of a meeting, but that doesn’t mean Siri isn’t still available at our fingertips when we need her. 

Simply go to Settings > Accessibility > Siri and then enable Type to Siri. This function allows you to press and hold the side button to type your request rather than having to speak them out loud. 

3. Make your keyboard more accessible for one handed use 

Our phone screens are getting bigger, but our hands are staying the same size. Whether one hand is tied up holding your cup of coffee or you’re just laying in bed and a bit too tired to type with both hands, it’s not always possible for us to type a text message with both hands. Enabling this easy shortcut on your phone is going to make texting with a single finger much easier and quicker. 

On your keyboard, whether you’re sending a text, using Messenger or WhatsApp, click on either the globe or the emoji icon and then select one of the bottom keyboard icons. This will shift your keyboard either to the left or to the right, making it more compact and easier for you to type your messages one handed. 

4. Use camera for scan QR code

When we go outside and want to do payment, shop, order food at restaurants, sometimes, the store would offer the payment through QR codes. Even in school and college, the teachers or lecturers would give students learning materials taken from the website or in the PDF form where the students should scan the QR codes given to access it. Thus, only using your iPhone camera, you don’t need to download a new app to scan a QR code. 

Open your camera, hold your phone and point the camera to the QR code, then there will be a notification pop up, click it and you will be directed to the link associated with the QR code. This trick will help you to save more time and you don’t download any applications.  

5. Sign documents easily

Because everything becomes online, sometimes, signing documents also switch to e-signature. Using your iPhone, you can easily e-sign documents without the need of printing and scanning it first. You just need to screenshot the part to be signed and tap it. After that go to the lower right of the screen and click on the plus sign. One of the options should be “Signature.” Click it, then type your name or use one that’s already saved. Once you have a signature, hit Done and drag it up onto your document in the screenshot. Resize it and save!

3 Tips in Using iPhone

Man looking at his iPhone screen

Here are a few more quick and easy tips that will make your life with an iPhone a lot more convenient.

  • Enable dictation when sending long messages or when you need to write long captions or emails on the go. Have you ever wondered what the microphone icon does on your keyboard? Well, it’s a voice to text dictation button! Using it is simple, just press the button and speak into your phone and the text will automatically be written for you. Be careful though, our smart phones may be smart, but there is still plenty of room for error with voice to text dictation, so make sure you double check what you have written before sending anything.
  • Utilize airplane mode. Enabling airplane mode on your iPhone while charging will speed up the charging process and if you need your battery to last longer throughout the day, enabling airplane mode while your phone is not in use is a great way to preserve the battery life if you don’t have a charger with you.
  • Turn off read receipts. There’s nothing more awkward than being left on read, and it doesn’t feel any better to leave someone on read while we think of a reply or finish running our errands before sending a text back. Select the contact you wish to hide your read status from, using the Messages app click on the name and then disable the send read receipts option. 

Did you learn something new with our tips on how your iPhone tricks can make your life easier? There are always new things to learn with our iPhones, so check back next time you update your phone, chances are we will have some new awesome tricks for you to try. 

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