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Alternatives to iOS and Android Phones

iOS and Android are two operating systems that are mostly known, hugely popular, well-designed and used by many smartphones. iOS is developed by Apple and only runs on Apple products such as iPhones and iPads. Meanwhile, Android is developed by Google and can be used for a wide range of devices from several manufacturers; because the code for much of Android is freely available, anyone from small to large corporations can build on top of the Android platform.

As the most prominent mobile OS, Android and iOS are often compared and compete fiercely in the current industry. Therefore, it leads many people to think that both operating systems are the only choice left. In fact, you do not have to stick with Android or iOS as your mobile phone operating system because there are plenty of alternatives available. 

Here we share the best alternatives to iOS and Android phones.

Best Alternatives to iOS and Android Phones

UP Phone

UP Phone is a privacy-first, proprietary and secure smartphone designed by cybersecurity professionals for everyday usage. UP Phone runs the proprietary LibertOS operating system which is secure by design and free of Big Tech components that are typically installed to collect user information for advertising and monetization purposes. UP Phone protects you from advertising trackers and any kind of spying and intrusion while providing the regular usage experience you are used to.

UP Phone is designed to secure your data and protect your privacy. While other modern phones encrypt your data, the operating system of the phone is not privacy oriented. In fact it is designed to monetize your private data. The phone is also vulnerable to third-party apps that are installed on the device, most of which are free, but highly vulnerable to misuse, activity tracking, and monetization of a user’s private data. UP Phone mitigates these vulnerabilities by having an operating system that has no vendor-designed ecosystem built to extract and analyze data that can be later monetized by advertisers or service providers.  UP Phone also gives a user more visibility, control and awareness of third-party data usage and risks in case a third-party app must be used.

Furthermore, users of the UP Phone also receive free access to the UP App Suite – including the UP Messenger, UP VPN, and UP Antivirus during the order period until their UP Phone is delivered, and for an additional year thereafter.  So you will be able to secure your existing Android device until your UP Phone arrives, and for an additional year for free once the UP Phone has been delivered.

UP Phone’s user experience is very similar to Android, so if you are already an Android user, you should be familiar with UP Phone.  However, for obvious security and privacy reasons, the UP Phone does not have Google Play Services preloaded. The Play Store is replaced by the unrestricted UP Store. Most Android apps are fully compatible with the UP Phone, but you will be using them in a secure, privacy-first environment.

Simple Phone

Simple Phone is an open-source project that puts the users first and leaves out any corporate interests. It values privacy, and this is reflected in its products. Simple Phone is designed to keep all its users sensitive data private. With Simple Phone, you are getting frequent OTA security updates to keep your device as secure as possible. Simple Phone comes preloaded with Simple Mobile Tools and nothing else. No bloatware and ready to go out of the box. In conclusion, Simple Phone is based on four main values: open, private, secure, and simple.

Simple Phone runs on SimpleOS. SimpleOS is a streamlined mobile operating system powered by the Lunar Open Mobile Platform – developed by The Good Phone Foundation as an open and privacy-focused alternative to the Android ecosystem. 

Furthermore, Simple Phone runs on preinstalled apps from Simple Mobile Tools. It means that all apps in Simple Phone are free from ads and the widgets can be customized. It also focuses on the users’ privacy in which apps are not asking for unnecessary permissions.


BIZI is a Multi Blockchain mobile platform that utilizes Web3.0 software and partner hardware that allows people to easily access Web3.0 globally, monetise their screen usage in a fast and convenient way, get rewarded for shopping, sharing and searching, protect against rogue and scam links by using BIZI’s unique Active Curation™system, provide anonymity and security by embracing Web3.0 technologies and produce universal income, have financial inclusion and engage in community empowerment.

ZMBIZI Web3.0 Z2 by BIZI LABS is the first smartphone in the world to combine built-in Web3 features, user rewards, and multi-chain features. It allows the users to access 4 different popular Blockchain networks and earn tokens for your shopping, sharing and searching. The Web3.0 mobile is ideal for anyone interested in Blockchain and Crypto and is the real future of mobile phone usage. 


ClearPHONE aims to give its users their digital life back while blocking ads, trackers, hackers, viruses and malwares. It comes with the most secure parental controls in the world and delivers faster performance and longer battery life. This is the Brilliant Phone people have been asking for.

ClearPHONE runs ClearOS which is a new operating system built on security first, combined with a software gateway that automatically senses and blocks malware, trackers, ads, viruses and anything else malicious is built into the firmware and layered in the software. All incoming and outgoing data is questioned for legitimacy or blocked. No backdoors. No workarounds. Even phishing schemes fail because outgoing data destinations are first validated. Whether you are working from a secure WiFi, the cell network, or a sketchy WiFi at a neighborhood cafe, you are 100% secure.

Furthermore, ClearOS Mobile puts individuals in control over their digital identity, privacy, and security while providing access to the Android applications they need. ClearOS Mobile was designed with ClearOS server in mind to deliver an integrated and unparalleled server-mobile experience that is more secure and private than anything else on the market ever could be. ClearOS learns your preferences as you use your phone and gets better and better the more you use it.

The Light Phone

The Light Phone II is an unlocked, 4G LTE premium, minimal phone. It will never have social media, clickbait news, email, an internet browser, or any other anxiety-inducing infinite feed. It is a phone for calling and texting. 

There is a customizable menu of simple tools, and a dashboard website to manage everything. All of the tools are custom-designed for our LightOS to ensure a thoughtful, and private user experience. Available tools currently include alarm, calculator, direction, simple music player, podcast tool, headphone jack, bluetooth, and it can be used as a personal hotspot. Other utility-oriented tools continue to be released, which will be available with software updates.

The phone uses a unique electronic paper screen, a technology also found in popular e-readers. This does not emit any blue light like traditional backlit screens. It’s visible in direct sunlight and limited to black and white, intentionally.

Whether you need a break from your smartphone for the weekend or you’re ready to ditch it for good, the Light Phone changes how you experience your time. The phone itself is unlocked which means that it is up to you how you want to fit it into your lifestyle. Most of the users use the Light Phone II as their primary phone.

So, these are the best alternatives to iOS and Android phones. Check out our Beneko website and mobile app for more information!