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Beneko Expands Circular Ecosystem through Acquisitions and Partnerships

Beneko, a pioneer in the circular economy for electronics and consumer products, has recently acquired multiple domain names and businesses, solidifying its position as a leader in sustainable and affordable consumption.

In a strategic move to reduce electronic waste and promote responsible recycling, Beneko has partnered with Avito in Africa to collect old smartphones and electronic devices. This innovative initiative not only addresses the growing issue of e-waste but also provides consumers with a more sustainable alternative. Learn more about this partnership at

In a unique collaboration, Beneko and Back Market have emerged as coopetitors, competitors who cooperate in the pursuit of a circular economy. By joining forces, these two companies are set to revolutionize the way we buy, sell, and recycle consumer products.

Beneko has also become the world’s first circular reseller of Beats by Dre products. Offering these high-quality audio products at more affordable prices, Beneko invites consumers to experience the benefits of circular consumption while minimizing their environmental impact. Find these incredible deals on the Beneko app, where prices are even more competitive than

In another significant development, Beneko is now the first circular reseller of Beko products, including fridges, washing machines, dishwashers, and ovens. This expansion into home appliances further emphasizes Beneko’s commitment to making circular consumption more accessible to consumers.

Beneko has also acquired the European assets of Beru, paving the way for the creation of a comprehensive circular marketplace. This acquisition expands the company’s product offerings and solidifies its position as a leader in sustainable consumption.

Moreover, Beneko is proud to announce that it is the first circular reseller of Blackview products, including rugged phones and smartphones. This partnership brings more durable and reliable devices to consumers while adhering to the principles of the circular economy.

Lastly, Beneko has become the first circular reseller of Bosch consumer products, power tools, and household appliances, as well as Bose speakers, soundbars, headphones, and high-end audio products. These new partnerships demonstrate Beneko’s dedication to providing consumers with sustainable, affordable, and high-quality options.

As Beneko continues to expand its circular ecosystem through acquisitions and partnerships, it remains committed to transforming the way we consume and dispose of electronics and consumer products. With a focus on sustainability, affordability, and customer satisfaction, Beneko is set to change the face of consumption for the better.