beneko logo becomes Beneko is an online Shop in Czech Republic, where only products with the best price on the local market are displayed. Bestcena means best price. 

Bestcena in Czechia was established in 2008 as a sister brand and operated from headquarters in Kosice, Slovakia. 

bestcena cz in 2008

The boom came in 2014, when we relaunched the operations with local management in Ostrava, Czechia:

“We are a Czech company  focused on a target group of customers for whom immediate availability, reasonable price, professional approach and quality service are of paramount importance.

We are a company that comes to the market with an innovative way of internet commerce. eshop s.r.o. is a part of the multinational BESTCENA SE concern, which operates Internet shops under the BESTCENA brand in different regions of Europe. Thanks to this international experience we are able to provide our services at very reasonable prices and in a superior range.” — Marcela Hecko, manager of

bestcena cz in 2014

In the year 2015 has won several awards, example Shop of the Year 2015 from

bestcena cz shop of the year 2015

Due to sudden health complications of the manager and a consequent series of fast hires, the quality of the customer service has suffered and the reputation of the brand has declined ever since, resulting in a series of bad PR, customer complaints and the decision of the shareholders to shot down the operations in Czechia and focus on more successful markets of the Bestcena brand, such as Poland.


  • 2007 November – business name registered and website functioned as internet shop
  • 2008 – first order received for a replacement battery
  • 2008-2011 – operating as a small internet shop
  • 2011-2013 – closed its B2C internet shop
  • 2014 January – decision to re-open B2C internet shop
  • 2014 June – new e-commerce site is developed on proven open source engine
  • 2014 August – first order received on the newly re-launched site for Samsung Galaxy S5
  • 2014 September – certificate received with over 96% customer satisfaction
  • 2015 – tens of thousands of very satisfied customers
  • 2016 August – closing of Ostrava office and interruption of operation
  • 2017 March – restarting operation with new team
  • 2018 – new General Business Condition to make it more understandable for the end consumer
  • 2018 – new GDPR compliant processes implemented
  • 2019 – updated design of current webshop engine
  • 2019 May – customer satisfaction on reaches 100%


Bestcena cz office in Ostrava Czechia LLP in 2022 has acquired the Bestcena brand in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland and rebranded them to the Beneko brand, which still reflects the economical values of the founder Stefan Durina and add the ecological values needed very much now.