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Apple iPad by Beneko

Do you usually use a tablet for your daily needs, for example when studying, working, or doing other activities? Which

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Beneko eSIM plans in 190 countries

Why pay $6000 / GB when you travel if you can pay $3 / GB or less anywhere in the world? Did you know eSIM makes switching a mobile phone network as simple as swapping Wifi networks.

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Bestcena SE operates in Slovakia (, Czech Republic ( and Poland ( Company activities are oriented to pure e-commerce to

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head office TRESKOT SEZamocka 30, 81101 BratislavaSlovakia, EU Slovak office s.r.o.Diakovce 868, 92581Slovakia, EU Czech office

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Beneko adds Latvia’s Poliphone

poliphone was established in 2012. since its formation, poliphone has distinguished itself as a major resource for companies looking to trade in mobile phones of the highest quality, and as such, has branched out to include affiliates globally. our trading partners include specialist distributors, wholesalers, and retailers worldwide, with focus on top brands like apple, samsung, htc.

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