Beneko Talent Hunting – Creative Competition
Beneko Spain Launch

  • Beneko group is looking to find the best creative campaign to launch the new Marketplace in Spain.

    Our mission is to promote and value your ideas and provide you with the necessary elements to launch them into the real world.

    You will launch your campaign to the real world, as part of beneko’s marketing team, and be part of our challenging project!

Who can join our project?

We are looking for students of PR and Advertising or Marketing all-around Spain.

Groups from 3 to 5 students who can lead the different roles in a creative team.

Competition phases

  • Join the competition
    The registration period is closed from February 15th 2020.

  • Submit your proposal
    You will have until the 27 of April 2020 to create your proposal. 

  • Finalists Announcement
    The 1st of May the best five (5) proposals will be announced. 

  • Award Ceremony
    The 1st week of May 2020 beneko will both announce the finalist and award the best proposal all in the same day. Every team will be given 25 minutes to present their project to the jury and the finalists. Beneko will cover maintenance costs, inc. food and transport to all five (5) finalists.

    bRIDA will join us as part of the jury.


The winning team will receive €5.000 and an Internship with us (for all the team members). You will all help and work with our team to launch your campaign into the real world!

Nonetheless, we don’t want it all to stop there. Once the internship is over, you will be given the chance to get a work with us.

The €5,000 will be shared equally among all team members. Should there be a change in any of the team members it should be notified to beneko Group prior to the 10th of April. All team members should agree on the changes above mentioned, as well as be in posession of a strong reason to be accepted by beneko Group.

Requirements and proposal format

El diseño y el desarrollo de la campaña debe ser original e inédita. El grupo debe ser el autor de la propuesta contando con la participación de todos sus integrantes.

The design and development of the campaign must be original and unpublished. The group must be the author of the proposal and with the consent of all its members.

The campaign will be presented through a PDF file with a maximum of 20 pages (A4 format with single line spacing, Arial font and size 11).It can be delivered in both English or Spanish (although English will be valued as a plus). The creative pieces will be presented in Spanish, in independent files in JPG format. Everything will be sent through the platform beneko will enable for it.

The proposal´s presentation by the five (5) finalists will be done in Spanish.

Las piezas creativas propuestas para la campaña deberán enviarse en el formato y proporciones requeridos por el medio a través del cual se propone difundir (o una versión en menor escala de ellos). En el caso de propuestas audiovisuales, no es necesario llevar a cabo la producción de las mismas pero sí presentar el storyboard y el guión. La calidad de las piezas creativas no será primordial a la hora de evaluar la propuesta, ya que el objetivo es enfocarse en el desarrollo creativo de la campaña.

The creative pieces proposed for the campaign should be sent in the format and proportions required by the medium through which it is proposed to be delivered(or a smaller scale version of them). In the case of audiovisual proposals, it is not necessary to carry out the production of the same but to present the storyboard and the script. The quality of the creative pieces will not be essential when evaluating the proposal, since the objective is to focus on the creative development of the campaign.


The creativity of the campaign will be the key aspect beneko will evaluate, as well as the viability of the project and the budget execution. The proposal must stand out for its creativity, using unconventional and diruptive concepts, mass media, and strategic ideas.

Should you have any doubts or questions, please contact us via email and we will find the best solution to help you through your process.

All five (5) finalists will have the option to review their project with beneko team prior to the presentation.

Legal and ethical bindings

Beneko Spain reserves the right to alter the basis of the competition at any time. Any alterations will be published at the web page and will be valid from the moment of its publication.

All participants should respect any copyright issues according to EU regulations.
No work may contain statements, facts, information or appointments that may harm or denigrate any person, group of people nor the image and reputation of beneko or the Universities participating in the contest.

The proposals should not contain statements, facts, information or quotations that incite the persecution of any person for reasons of race, opinion, nationality, sex, profession or any other reason, nor may they exalt or enhance crime or breach the laws.

Each team will have a name chosen by its members. Beneko reserves the right to modify that name if they deem it appropriate, for reasons of being considered offensive or inappropriate for the championship, or because there was a collision with the same name for another team previously registered.

In the event that none of the proposals are selected by beneko as viable, the company is exempted from carrying out the campaign and therefore from providing the Internships. Likewise, beneko loses the right to use any of the ideas proposed by the groups enrolled in this competition.

It is a pre-condition that at least 10 Spanish universities participate in the competition. Otherwise, beneko will have the right to reconsider its continuity.

Beneko understands that once a team have joined the competition, all the members of that group accept all the clauses set forth herein.

Beneko Spain may disqualify a proposal if it is partially or totally out-of-time, or if it does not comply with any of the rules shown in this document.

Only the winning proposal will be owned by beneko Spain, once the prize has been awarded to the chosen team. Said proposal may be used by the company, having the right to improve, edit, expand, modify and reproduce all of its content.

The organizers of “beneko talent hunting” reserve the right to unsubscribe or disqualify users who violate the rules described above and to penalize if any participant had acted fraudulently.

Both the responsibles to organise “beneko talent hunting” and the participating teachers are exempt from responsibility for the use that the participant can make with the prize received. In that sense, the organizer would not be responsible that a winner misused the prize or breached the provisions of the legal bases.

Data protection

All winners and contestants must accept that their usernames and public profile picture of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin may be published on beneko´s websites and to communicate the winners of the prize. The contestants and professors accept that the photographs taken during the competition can be transferred to the media and / or used by the company for any public communication related to the competition. In the same way, they accept that different mass media can access the venue to take photographs or recordings. It is also authorized that any entity could live-broadcast the competition.

Beneko Spain reserves the right to use the data of the participants, as well as their public profile photos. Attendees and participants consent to give beneko the right to use their image on social media and other networks.

Altogether, beneko will bear in mind that the data protection law must be taken into account. We must inform the winners and other competitors that their data will be incorporated into a file and specify the purposes for which that data will be used and if this will be transferred to third parties. Beneko will also inform of the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition according to the current GDPR.