beneko logo becomes Beneko is a brand that aims to facilitate the use of the latest technology in the simplest way at competitive prices. It is an innovator in the field of business solutions designed to meet modern needs. 

At, all of the services are provided through PaaS (Product as a Service) offering. With PaaS, the company offers comprehensive product support, customized warranties, and cost-effective access to top-quality equipment. The team consists of passionate technology enthusiasts who are well-equipped to handle any equipment-related inquiries or challenges. It takes pride in guiding the customers towards the best solutions for their needs.

As agents of PaaS and operators of the brand, its utmost priority is customer satisfaction. The company places great emphasis on an open and individualized approach to each problem or request. The aim is to deliver Product as a Service in a transparent and straightforward manner, highlighting its numerous benefits. These include:

  • Extended support: offers support for up to 8 years from the moment the customer orders the Product as a Service.
  • Refund or equipment replacement: If the customer chooses to return the equipment, provides the option of a refund or reduced cost for a new one.
  • Eco-friendly practices: is committed to acting in an environmentally responsible manner, promoting ecology and zero waste. The customer can send back any device, and the company will ensure its proper disposal without harming the environment.

By offering these advantages, aims to provide an exceptional customer experience and exceed the expectation. is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that not only simplify technology utilization but also prioritize customer satisfaction. appeared on the market in October 2018 and quickly gained the trust of customers. It has grown its popularity in Poland with more than 100,000 customers that use its product as a service. Moreover, the brand has over 4,500 positive opinions on Ceneo and another 600 can be found on the Opineo website. 

As of now, the Dragonist brand in Poland has been acquired by Beneko, and subsequently rebranded as the Beneko brand. This acquisition aims to uphold the founder Stefan Durina’s economic values while incorporating much-needed ecological values. Under Beneko, we are proud to introduce the eco-friendly circular marketplace and circular mobile network operator.

With this transition, we continue to emphasize the importance of economic principles that the Dragonist brand stood for. However, we now place an even greater emphasis on ecological values, recognizing the urgent need to address environmental concerns. Beneko is committed to promoting a circular economy by implementing sustainable practices and innovative solutions.

Our circular marketplace provides a platform for consumers to participate in a sustainable economy, where products can be reused, repurposed, or recycled. By embracing circularity, we aim to minimize waste and maximize resource efficiency.

Additionally, as a circular mobile network operator, Beneko is dedicated to reducing electronic waste by promoting device recycling and refurbishment. We strive to create a mobile network that operates in harmony with the environment, taking significant steps towards a greener future.

With Beneko, we aim to combine economic and ecological values, offering innovative solutions that benefit both our customers and the planet. We are excited to embark on this new chapter and contribute to a more sustainable world.