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Have You Checked Your Junk Drawer Lately?

We all have that one drawer or cupboard at home that’s full of junk. You know the one, there are cords from old DVD players, charges from electronic devices, old headphones tangled beyond recognition, and even the odd mobile phone or tablet. 

Old electronic devices in drawer

We never know when we’ll need them again, right? That’s what we tell ourselves in order to justify the junk drawer. “I’ll keep it, just in case.”

We never actually use them again though, do we? The drawer gathers dust, the cables, and electronic devices become outdated, and we keep adding to the drawer until it doesn’t close and we’re forced to start throwing things away. It’s money down the drain. We seldom stop to consider the value those cables and devices once held, or still hold.

Similarly, not much thought is given to where the contents of our junk drawers end up after we give them a cleanout. We bundle everything together and dispose of it in the trash. We might be lucky to salvage an old device here or there and donate it to our little cousin or our neighbor’s kid, but according to The United Nations University, an eye-watering 45 million tons of electronics are thrown away each year, ending up in landfill and polluting our oceans. That’s a lot of junk drawers and a lot of money.

Drawer with an old phone, headphones and many useless old things and electronic devices

Beneko could hold the key to the total eradication of the junk drawer. Here’s how.

As a responsible marketplace, Beneko works toward a sustainable future by using the PaaS (Products as a Service) business model and maintaining a circular economy where consumers subscribe to the use of electronic devices and only pay for what they use, and unwanted devices are returned for recycling or a new lease on life. 

Rather than outdated devices meeting their end in an electronics graveyard, Beneko consumers have the opportunity to pass on their pre-loved gadget to others who might be in the market for something new (or old). In the event that a device is unusable or can’t find its new home, Beneko ensures responsible recycling so that the cycle of sustainability can continue. 

Beneko help to recycle old electronic devices

Beneko is not only a more sustainable solution for those wanting to dispose of their devices, it’s also a more affordable way for consumers to use the latest devices and keep up to date with what’s new on the market. This relates back to the PaaS model. We want to encourage consumers to take responsibility for their consumption of technology by offering the best products and brands alongside a strong emphasis on ethical and ecological awareness.

Buying a device outright can become pretty costly, but with Beneko, consumers simply pay a deposit and then choose a device and service plan of up to three years. They are then free to use the device as their own until it’s time for something new.

When the device is returned, consumers only pay for the amount of time they’ve used the device. If there’s money remaining at the end of the service plan, the consumer can either upgrade their goods or exchange them for cash. That’s something you just don’t get by letting your devices sit in a junk drawer.

Find out more by visiting the Beneko website or downloading the app.