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We are looking for sellers to incorporate their products and catalogue with us. By 2020 our Cross-border Marketplace will be selling in 10 EU countries.

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Our mission is to offer the best selection of products possible. An ekonomical and ekological platform where our customers search for the best products, at the best price.

We adapt our business to your size, structure and challenges of your business. It is quick and easy. Beneko offers an alternative to traditional e-commerce.

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We are answering below some of the doubts you may have for selling with beneko

FAQ’s section

Before you start selling with us

While we set you up

If you are already selling with us

Other questions

Before you start selling

What is beneko?

Beneko is a new B2C multi-category marketplace selling products throughout Europe, without barriers or borders, multilingual, multi-currency. There are many reasons to sell with us. From the millions of potential consumers who will see your products, as well as the ability to generate quick sales without creating your own website.

Where are you based?

We have two headquarters: one is in Poland (Poznan) and the other is in Spain (Alicante). We also have offices in Germany (Berlin), Hungary (Budapest), France, England, amongst others. Western Europe is managed from Alicante and Eastern Europe from Poland.

How many employees do we have?

Currently 140 employees, but we are in continuous growth.

How can I sell on beneko?

It is easy and quick. Send us your information through the form above and we will contact you with the next steps to follow.

Who can sell on beneko?

Any company legally established within the EU that signs our contract.

Can I sell services on beneko?

Yes, but with some restraints. Let us know some more details and will guide you through.

Can I sell on beneko even though I am selling on other Marketplaces?

Of course, yes! No problem at all, as long as the sale price within our platform is not more elevated than the price on other platforms.

What products can and cannot I sell on beneko?

Right now, you can only sell products that fit the electronics category. However, we are working on it and in a couple months we will expand to several other categories.

Can I sell second-hand and refurbished products?

This moment, we are focusing only on new products, but this option will be unlocked in the very near future. So get in touch and we will notify you when this function becomes available.

In which countries can I sell through beneko marketplace?

Beneko will be launched in Spain this May 2020. Throughout this year we will expand to other EU countries with the goal to be in all 28 EU countries.

Is it a secure sales platform for the customer?

It is a 100% secure platform. Beneko has PCI-DSS compliance, we also comply with the new PSD2 directive, EV SSL protocol and 3DS system. We are responsible for all the frauds. This technology allows sellers to be protected and to create a smooth and continuous payment experience with consumers, while analyzing more than 100 different information points from banks and data from the global network. Our system certifies a secure connection in order to reduce the risk of confidential information theft and manipulation (such as credit card numbers, usernames, passwords, emails, etc.).

How do you guarantee payments to sellers?

Beneko uses PayU’s PSP technology through, a benchmark in secure payment solutions that guarantees payments to sellers. The new European legislation PSD2 is clear and does not allow any marketplace to generate any debts with its sellers, and so we respect it. PayU complies with this legislation with a system of ‘escrow accounts’ and ‘wallets’. It means that your money goes to an account to which the operator does not have legal access in any way.

How often and when are payments made to sellers?

To make a payment to the seller it takes 21 days to declare the order as ‘payable’ since the order is shipped. Payment to the seller is made twice a month (the 1st and 15th of each month).

Is the Marketplace already live?

Not just yet. Although, to avoid a funnel effect, when launching the marketplace, we believe this is the best time for you to join us. The launch is scheduled for May 2020 in Spain and after the summer for the rest of the EU countries.

How much would it cost me to sell on beneko?

You will have a dedicated agent. The integration process is free. There is no monthly fee, of any kind, or required permanence. In addition to that, we offer the cheapest commissions in the sector and you won’t need to pay anything for either your cash-in or cash-out transactions. Let us be clear, we want you in!

Are you customer-oriented like Amazon?

With each customer claim, beneko will offer mediation if both parties don’t find an agreement. But keep in mind that as this project comes from a seller itself, we are more sensitive to sellers and understand the importance of taking care of you as our fundamental piece of the puzzle.

How are you going to position the marketplace in terms of marketing and advertising?

We will have a strong investment, with which we will use to create a solid base of reputation, branding and generate traffic. We are trying to fight the leaders of the sector in each country. While we cannot guarantee success, we have a good customer base to start with throughout Europe, so we don’t start from scratch. The investment will focus on buying traffic, positioning and traditional communication focused on the values of economical and ecological products.

I want to sell outside Spain but I don’t have the right logistics for it.

Beneko offers a dropshipping service so you can rely on our logistics and warehouses in the rest of Europe. If you want to know more, contact us.

Return Policy.

If the customer returns the product by choice, it is the customer who is responsible for paying the shipping costs. In the event that the reason is for problems with the terminal, it is the seller who must cover the cost.

Who pays the shipping costs of my products?

In general terms, the customer. Each seller defines their shipping policy and the transportation costs of their products.

Can I use my transport operator?

Yes, you can use the operator of your choice. The only thing that is mandatory is to upload the tracking link, so the customer can follow the order at all times.

How are invoices delivered to customers?

Invoices must be sent printed with the order package or by email if the seller cannot send it with the order.

How do I integrate my product catalogue on beneko?

The catalogue integration is made on Mirakl platform and there are three options: Manual integration, through an XML / CSV file or via API. You will have an agent who will guide you throughout the whole process.

How do I manage my orders?

Orders are managed through Mirakl, which stands out for its functionality and easy flow. You will have full access to your store, your orders and your catalogue. You will be able to make changes, update your inventory and communicate with your customers at all times.

Can my products be bought through the mobile APP?

Yes. Soon we will tell you about beneko APP, you will love it.

Who does the customer service job?

The seller is in charge of customer service. The customer has the option to contact the seller only through an electronic message. Phone calls and live chat messages will be managed by beneko customer service. The beneko customer service team is also responsible for managing customer issues with the website and the system.

What is the specific contact for sellers?

For any questions or queries you can contact our “new customer service” by filling out the form above. Once you become a seller you will have a specific agent to contact to.

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While we set you up

What do I need to register as a seller?

Before starting the registration process, we suggest you have the following information handy:

Representative’s data.

  • Country.
  • City.
  • Postal Code.
  • Street.
  • Street number, floor, door.
  • Date of Birth.
  • Gender.
  • Surname.
  • Name.


  • Registration Number.
  • Type of entity.
  • Country.
  • City.
  • Postal Code.
  • Street.
  • Street number, floor, door.

Bank Account.

  • Owner of the account.
  • IBAN.
  • Country.
  • Currency.
  • Proof of ownership.

Photography(only one of them).

  • Front and back of National Identification Document.
  • Front and back of your Passport.
  • Front and back of your Driving License.

Other important information

  • Document that certifies the activity of the company for the last three months.
  • Deed of Registration of the Company with the powers of the representatives.
  • Front and back of the selected document (ID or passport) of shareholders 1, 2 and 3 (when possible).
Do I have to accept all the legal conditions to register with beneko?

All the sellers must subscribe to our General Conditions defined in a document that regulates the use, as well as the terms and requirements that it must meet during the period in which they are selling products and services through our platform. It is an agreement where the T&Cs are identical for all sellers; Therefore, it cannot be modified without explicit permission from beneko.

What kind of products can I sell on beneko?

Beneko wants to boost your business and that’s why we will carry out an in-depth analysis on each case. We suggest you to send us your complete catalogue and we will advise you on the best strategy.

Is there a limit on the number of products that we can upload?

There is no limit, you can upload as many as you want without any volume fee, etc.

When will you start charging a monthly subscription fee?

We have no fees and we won’t charge anything. If this changes in the future, we will always let you know.

I have already registered on the platform. How do I integrate my products?

There are three options: Manual integration, through an XML / CSV file or via API. Our team will advise and guide you throughout the process.

What do I need to publish my products in beneko?

We need a file with the list of products you want to sell. This file must contain detailed information about them. Our team will inform you in detail about the process.

I can’t find a category that fits my product. Can I create one?

Send us a message through your client area and we will create it or clarify the question as soon as possible. It is very important to place each product within the right category.

There has been an error uploading my catalogue file. Who can help me?

Get in touch with our Technical Department by sending a message from your sales area and we will call you to help you solve it.

Is it mandatory for a product to have EAN?

Yes, it is essential that each product has EAN.

Should the prices in my catalogue include VAT? And the delivery fees?

Yes, all prices must include taxes as well as delivery fees.

What margins shall I apply on my products in beneko?

Each seller is free to estimate the best price. We suggest you to poll the same product prices both online and in our Marketplace. If the product does not exist, analyze similar products. It is important to adapt the offer because all Marketplaces tend to prioritize the most competitive prices.

How can I control the stock of each product?

It is the responsibility of the seller to control their product stock. To do this, the platform allows you to associate stocks, both for product and offer levels, and create alerts for minimum security stocks.

How do I manage my orders?

Through your sales area you can check your order status and have direct communication with your customers.

Can I partially deliver an order? How do I inform the customer?

Yes. In your seller area you can decide whether you approve or reject an order, partially or not. This action is passed to the client automatically, although the platform allows you to contact your customers at all times.

Are orders automatically managed or do I have to approve them as a seller?

Orders are all automatically accepted. The seller has 24 hours to cancel them. The cancellation percentage can never exceed 3% or your account will be deactivated, as part of beneko’s QA.

What happens when I don’t accept an order?

You must inform the client of the reason (lack of stock, not on catalogue anymore, etc). The payment is returned to the customer and you are not charged any commission.

What payment methods can a customer use?

Customers can pay by debit or credit card. For the next implementation phase, it is very likely that we have the option of cash on delivery.

How do I modify my bank account?

Through Mirakl, in your seller area. My Account menu > Settings > Bank Ref.

What are the shipping costs for my orders?

Each seller is responsible for their orders. You must define the shipping and return policy on your seller page or accept the conditions already applied by default.

Can I use Beneko’s dropshipping service?

Get in touch with us, so that our agents can inform you of our T&C’s.

What’s the time frame within I have to send the package to the customer?

Within the next 48 hours after the order is placed. Be careful because not complying with these conditions will penalize your account score.

Who issues the invoice for my order? How should I proceed?

Invoices must be printed and sent with package or by email if the seller cannot send it with the order.

When will I receive the payment?

To make a payment to the seller it takes 21 days to declare the order as ‘payable’, since the order is shipped. Payment to the seller is made twice a month (days 1 and 15 of each month).

Can I offer financing as a form of payment for my sales?

Not yet. But it is an option that is under development.

I have a dispute with a client. How should I act?

Answer the client as soon as possible. If there is no agreement, contact us through your personal area and we will help you out.

How can the seller submit a claim to beneko?

The relationship between the seller and beneko is governed by an independent consumer arbitration entity included in the contract. But we hope we can be forever friends!

Can I have reports about my account activity? How?

Yes. In your sales area you have an information panel of your main activity on our platform.

Does the equal price policy apply to beneko offers?

No. What we do ask is that the sale price in beneko is not higher than the price published on other platforms.

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If you are already selling

How can I contact the seller service?

You have different ways to contact us. The quickest way is to send us a message through the client area, on the “My Messages” menu (select for – Operator).

Can I unpublish items temporarily?

Yes, you can do it with a specific product or by selecting a bunch of them. You can also create a period of inactivity if you need to (for stock, holidays, etc.).

Who provides customer service to my orders on beneko?

Each seller is responsible for: the customer service; provide the tracking link; responding to their queries or possible incidents that may happen.

How can I answer a customer about a question or an issue?

Through your seller area. In the menu “My Orders”> “Ratings”.

Are beneko customers able to rate a seller or a product? Why are they important?

Yes, it also allows you to improve your score and ranking, affecting your product’s ranking over other sellers. In addition, it allows us to recommend improvement points.

I do not agree with a client’s evaluation. How can I reply?

You can answer through your sales area, in the menu “My Orders”> “Ratings”.

What can I do if I receive a negative evaluation by mistake?

Send us a message through your personal area and if we deemed that the evaluation is not true, we will delete it.

I can’t find a customer. What should I do?

You can contact him through your sales area, sending him a message. If after a few days you don’t get an answer, you can contact him by phone or send us a message if you continue not getting an answer.

I do not see my product published on beneko, why?

It can be for several reasons. Send us a message through the seller area indicating the reference in question and we will review it as soon as possible.

The photo does not correspond to the product I have for sale. How can I change it?

In your seller area. “Menu”> “Inventory”> “Catalogue management”> “Product Selection”> “Edit”> “Image section”.

The product name I have for sale is wrong. How can I change it?

In your seller area. “Menu”> “Inventory”> “Catalogue management”> “Product Selection”> “Edit”> “Product Name Section”.

The description does not match the product I have for sale. How can I change it?

In your seller area. “Menu” > “Inventory” > “Catalogue management” > “Product Selection” > “Edit” > “Short Description Section”.

The published price of an item is not wrong. How can I change it?

In your seller area. “Menu”> “Inventory”> “Catalogue management”> “Product Selection”> “Edit”> “Change price”.

What types of delivery services do you have?

Depending on the type of product, but usually two: standard and urgent. It is common for the seller to specify ranges by size (small, medium, large) and the destination (geographical area).

How can I inform a customer of the tracking link?

You must insert the tracking link in Mirakl in the order information.

The customer has not received the order, what should I do?

We recommend you to review the entire process with a focus on the shipping status with the courier: If it has been delivered, where, how, to whom, etc.

Can the final customer return the product directly to beneko?

No, returns must be made directly to the seller who sold it.

What are the warranty conditions for products sold at beneko?

The minimum stipulated by law.

Can I cancel my contract? How can I do it?

You can cancel your contract anytime by sending us an email to or sending an email to your account manager. We must verify that all your orders have been managed and that we are up to date regarding collections and payments.

Do you want to promote your products in our Marketplace?

Contact Rocío Quattrocchio sending her an email to

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Other questions

I would like to attend your webinars. How can I do it?

You will receive information in advance about all the training events we schedule.

I missed your last webinar. Can I still see it?

Of course! You can attend all training events both live and after the event.

Where can I download documentation about beneko Marketplace?

In Mirakl, in your sales area you have a complete guide on the beneko platform.

What can I check in my private seller area?

You have total control over your catalogue, activity, customer service, useful documentation and tools to improve your sales.

I have forgotten my login data. What should I do?

You can recover your password on the login screen > “Forgot your password?”. As a last resource you can contact us.

Is there a specific contact for businesses?

If you are already a customer, it is easier and faster to do it for your private area. If you are a new seller, contact Rocío Quattrocchio sending her an email to

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