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An incredible story, straight out of Orwell’s. We in the West don’t value our freedom because you can’t ‘see’ freedom. Only when one realizes how easily people can become mere numbers in a gigantic data-controlled system can one understand what freedom is and how much it is worth. Freedom is life.

My name is Stefan Durina and I am the founder of Beneko Mobile, the new generation of telecom + circular ecommerce. The reason I often comment on freedom is not because I don’t think we are free, but because I think we are slowly moving towards the direction of China, like the proverbial boiled frog: 

the internet becoming increasingly censored, 

quarantining healthy people, 

forced or coerced into taking medical interventions, 

having bank accounts frozen for supporting a cause, 

mass surveillance, 

or the coming soon – Central Bank Digital Currencies that will allow every single transaction to be traced. These have all happened throughout Western countries over the past three years, and all were once considered unthinkable. 


In our telecommunication company, we don’t track you, collect and use any of your data, no AI, no machine learning, no big data, no internet of things, non of it. Just the good old GB, SMS, and minutes, as pure as electricity.

As it happens, we are also dealing with sky high inflation devastating our purchasing power, linear consumerism leading to destruction and pollution of our own planet… 

As I wake up, I ask myself, are my actions today contributing to the devastation or to the restoration of our freedoms and lives?  


So we created a mobile operator that combines a marketplace for mobile devices, accessories, and insurance with a classic offering of GBs of data, SMS, and minutes, all wrapped into circular consumption and fully transparent.

Every product we put on the market, we also take it back anytime, in any condition, to resell it as second hand on our own marketplace before it gets responsibly recycled. To make a more positive impact, we also take more e-waste off the streets than what we put out new products.

The unique combination of telecom + circular ecommerce + subscriptions allows us to provide products and services from A to Z (like lifetime warranty, next business day repair at your home, pay only for what you really use…) all at very affordable prices. Customers pay us a monthly fee, and they receive everything else at our cost: subsidized mobile phones, millions of products, premium warranty, Netflix or Disney+ in bundles, local and global data connectivity anywhere in the world, insurance, VPN, repairs, resale of old products, or anytime exchange for new ones… — and all at our costs.

Our aim is to combine solutions that already exist today into one mobile app where the customer can buy, pay, upgrade and return everything. And can do so in many countries even while traveling. The combined value proposition forms the basis for the “forever transaction”, where the longer the customers stay, the more benefits they use and the harder it is for them to leave.

We want to make it easy for you as an investor or partner to understand how we’re going to do this. The presentation will be sent to your email.