When was the last time you enjoyed online shopping?

E-commerce was supposed to make shopping easier, and for everyday commodity items, it has. Search, add to cart, check-out, done. But in making the experience more efficient, it lost much of the customer service and the joy of discovering something new that we truly love.

Since our founding, we spent a lot of time trying to enhance the emotions during and after the purchase. We see an opportunity to bring joy and pleasure back to online shopping and do it together with the ease of online shopping, fast delivery, the best customer service and warranty assurance.

By 2020 – Our cross-border marketplace will be in 10 countries including France, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.

The marketplace will be a multi-currency / multi-country / multi-language solution and it should rapidly host hundreds of vendors and tens of thousands of associated referenced products.

Our vision is to become the leading e-commerce solution provider to 550M and 28 countries via our unique business model decreasing the transaction cost of a cross-border sale or purchase. beneko will enable an SME in Poland to both sell and source to other SME´s and B2C all over Europe.

Daniel Mann, CSO