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“Because we really take into account our customers satisfaction we do select carefully everything that is listed on our sites. Our proposal is to make our customers feel as if they are getting more than just a device, or a certain product, at the best price possible. Their choice is about making a better world. We are committed to be Earth-friendly and integrate this as part of our ethos. We want it to be real, comprehensible and relevant for our customers.

By doing this we want to encourage our customers to take responsibility for their own consumption actions. Offering products and brands with ethical and environmental awareness. Paving the way to environmental and social sustainability is for us a never-ending process. We do know we are not perfect but we do our best trying to be better than our competitors. That idea drives us to enhance as a company, from a humble attitude.

We are eager to improve our procedures, our catalogue of products and suppliers/ sellers, in order to take care of our planet and society. We are moving forward and choosing the best actions as we walk our path.

At our Marketplace, we offer a lease option during three (3) years. During that period, we collect the goods back, whenever the customer wants, and sell them in the second-hand market. We value the product according to the market and we give back 85% Cashback on Direct Debit as soon as the sale is completed. We also offer discounts on eco-friendly and ethical products.

We use and re-use.  Our unique process allows for a full 360º recycling of IT waste. When the products are no longer able to be re-sold, we have a waste services division who sorts the material by type, depending on the end-use. Once sorted, the material is machined into high-quality reclaimed parts that can be used for a variety of applications.

Stefan Durina, CEO