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Save, use, return, repeat – Beneko is an all-in-one, Eco-friendly App and marketplace where you will find the best deals on your favorite technology while never paying full price. Beneko was created as a solution that benefits customers for helping us tackle global issues such as excessive waste and pollution. 

To be the leading e-commerce that can give positive impacts to society and the environment, we also support projects that make our environment where we live and work cleaner and greener.

What Projects do We Support?

Plastic Exchange is an organization that is committed to protect Bali’s environment free from plastic waste while also helping underprivileged communities to continue their lives by exchanging the plastic they have collected into rice. 

Plastic Exchange has started its program in 2020 where the first exchange happened in Tabanan, Bali. As of November 2022, this project has been implemented in more than 200 villages, with more than 928,000 KG plastics collected and more than 200,000 KG rice distributed.

The following is the detailed data for the last three months with support from Beneko.

August 2022

Trash collected

27.453,95 KG

Plastic trash collected

22.702,40 KG

Rice given to people

5.779,68 KG

People who join the program

1.898 People

December 2022

Trash collected

21.313,60 KG

Plastic trash collected

17.565,25 KG

Rice given to people

4.323,69 KG

People who join the program

1.552 People

April 2023

Trash collected

23.786,403 KG

Plastic trash collected

19.687,303 KG

Rice given to people

4.447,92 KG

People who join the program

1.537 People

Sungai Watch is an environmental organization that aims to clean up plastic waste from the rivers in Indonesia before they could pollute our oceans. Through educational sessions and campaigns, Sungai Watch further encourages communities to adopt responsible waste management. 

This project started in 2020 in Bali, Indonesia. As of November 2022, Sungai Watch has been implemented in more than 315 community cleanups, with 715,321 KG of plastics collected, 438,749 KG of organics collected, and 173 barriers installed.

Closing the Loop (CTL) provides services called waste compensation in which the customers’ new devices will be waste neutral. As compensation for the new device you buy, it is balanced out by collecting end-of-life electronics in African and Asian countries. Thus, the customers will help to  create a zero-waste environment by collecting e-waste from countries that lack e-waste recycling infrastructure and CTL ships them where they can be responsibly recycled. 

The Good Phone Foundation is a non-profit organization (NGO) managed through an open governance process.The foundation activities are structured in several tracks including development of the core technology, management of the governance model, and promotion of the foundation’s pillars: ethical technology; top-level security; respect for privacy; digital well-being. The Good Phone Foundation aims to help mobile phone users establish and ensure their digital sovereignty. They build the Lunar OMP as an open-source mobile OS based on the Android Open Source Project. It includes every component a mobile device requires to operate on its own without relying on 3rd party infrastructure or technology: dedicated hardware, android based de-googled OS and App suite.

The Good Phone Foundations believes that everyone deserves respect and privacy on their mobile devices and communication and wants to put an end to Big Tech that monetizes mobile phone users data.

Join Us to Make A Better World

Beneko is a responsible circular marketplace that offers services for our customers to access the latest technology with the cheapest price possible. Beneko customers pay a small subscription fee, and under the save, use, return, and repeat model, you will not pay a full price for your favorite electronics. You also have the chance to return and resell your old devices to us. 

Becoming our customers not only helps you save your money but also helps the world to be better because you will be one of the heroes that also supports zero-waste projects like Plastic Exchange, Sungai Watch, and Closing the Loop. 

We are Beneko and we have a vision: to live in a friendship with our planet, where the products, services, ideas and people are not hurting each other.

In our world, products do not end up on landfills and oceans, they have the right to be repairable. Just use and return when not used anymore. Then these returns get a second life in someone else’s hands. And we have a choice now about making a better world. 

If you too are committed to be earth-friendly, then we accept you and share with you the services and solutions that already exist today.

Welcome to Beneko, the responsible marketplace.