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Beneko Mobile Take-All-Back Program

Transform Your Unused Tech Into Value

How It Works

Pack and Send:

Gather all your old smartphones, laptops, and electronics. Securely pack them and send them to us.

Inspection and Renewal:

Upon receiving your items, our team will carefully inspect each one. Functional items will be renewed and prepared for their next life.

Recycling the Rest:

Items that can’t be renewed will be responsibly recycled, ensuring they don’t end up harming the environment.

Earn Credit:

For every item that we rent out, you earn credit! This credit will be added to your Beneko App, ready for you to use on new tech, mobile plans, and more.

Repeat the Cycle:

Keep the cycle going! Send back items you no longer need, and we’ll keep turning them into more value for you.


Join the Circular Economy: Use what you need, pay for what you use, and never pay full price for a product again.

Save Money: Our customers save an average of €300/year compared to shopping on Amazon and other retailers.

Lifetime Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with our lifetime warranty on all products.

Anytime Returns: Change your mind? Return anytime – no questions asked.

Start Now – Send Us Your Unused Tech Today!