With a Product-as-a-Service orientation, beneko has solidified its customer base and brand awareness through Easter Europe.
We are an international E-commerce company active across 8 countries, reaching 50M+ people. In our shops, we use an innovative business model aimed to build long term relationships with consumers in the fast moving consumer goods market. 

Beneko gives customers the ease of mind when buying their electronics. Instant warranty exchange, anytime upgrades for the newest model, guaranteed buy-back program with pre-determined prices. Long term rentals, easy trade-in processes, and superior customer care are all present at beneko, a privately-held company based in Bratislava, Slovakia and operating in each EU country.

Our vision is to become the leading E-commerce solution provider to 550M people and 28 countries while decreasing the transaction cost of a cross-border sale or purchase.  beneko is fueled by IT systems. Hence, 50 per cent is IT and 50 per cent is logistics.  At the moment, our main business area is E-commerce with a focus on consumer electronics. The company is privately owned, all investors interested in shareholding were rejected as we want to keep full management control.

“Our philosophy is to give more than it is expected, a superior unexpected customer service. And thanks to our business model we can deliver not only quality services at very competitive prices, but also build a lifetime connection with the consumers, meet all their needs and wants.” Stefan Durina, Founder