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Why is Beneko Cheaper?

Beneko promises that you can buy electronic devices at the cheapest prices compared to other places, such as Amazon. How does it work?

In Beneko, you pay a monthly fee which we take as profit, so everything else you enjoy at costs:

1. You buy all at cost.

Usually, when businesses sell products, they need to make profits, spend money for marketing and operational expenses, and pay to other platforms such as Amazon which will increase the price of the products up to 50% from the cost of the product. 

Meanwhile, Beneko doesn’t make any profit from the product that we sell because we have already made profits from your subscription fee. We also don’t need to sell our products on other platforms because we already have our own customers; thus, we don’t need to increase the price of the products as much as other merchants. 

You can buy everything at cost at Beneko App where the price is much cheaper than other sellers.

2. All brands are direct from authorized sellers.

We sell products that are directly from authorized sellers which means we sell high-quality and original products with 1 to 2 years of official warranty.

We also guarantee that if the product from the customer is damaged even because of water, we will still provide the best service in the form of assistance to repair it at the best repair shop. We will handle all communications between the technician and the customer so that the damaged product will be fully checked and if it cannot be repaired, the technician will write a report for the customer and the product will be recycled.

This makes us better than other sellers because from the monthly fee that customers pay to us, we provide our customers with lifetime care and warranty. Our customer support is working for the customer to solve any and all problems. 

3. We buy all products at wholesale discounts.

When we are buying many products, first, we will do market research and compare the prices from one distributor with other distributors in more than 20 countries. Therefore, if we find that there is a better price from another distributor, we will go to the other distributors and negotiate the lower price to get the best deals for you. 

Because we usually buy products in big quantities, we will get extra discounts or cashback from our distributors. Then all of those discounts and cashback will be given to our customers. Again, we don’t make any profit from the products that we sell because we only take profit from the customers’ subscription fees. 

It is also one of our jobs to find and give the cheapest price possible for our customers. 

4. You never pay full price for a product again, as you always return it for a resale.

There is no negotiation when you buy a product in a regular shop and you pay 100% upfront. Although you can pay using a credit card or in installments, it is usually much more expensive because the interest and profit of another company are added. 

In Beneko, the customers pay 100% upfront but it is not as expensive as other sellers because we do not make profits from the products. In addition, because we are a circular marketplace, we want all products that have been purchased by the customers to return to us when it is unused or unwanted anymore. We will help our customers to resell their old products as second-hand products. Therefore, the customers actually only pay for the difference in cost between the new product and the resale price of the second-hand product.

If the product is too broken and cannot be repaired, we will sell them as spare parts and materials to make sure that we can recover as much value as possible. The materials that make up electronic devices can cost more than $100, so it is better to return your old product to us than throw it in the trash.

5. We are constantly monitoring the best deals across hundreds of brands and retailers.

Beneko is not only available in one country but in 28 countries which means we partner with hundreds of distributors. Therefore, we constantly monitor the best deals and prices every hour from different distributors. 

We are also open to suggestions. If the customers found some products that have lower prices from other sellers, we want them to tell us. Then we will check the product if it is high quality and warranty. Thus, we will contact the distributors with the best prices and buy from them.  

6. You pay by secure bank transfer.

Bank transfer is the cheapest, fastest, and most secure payment method both for customers and for us as the seller. Sometimes, with a credit card, there are fake transactions and fraud which means we should buy expensive insurance. Moreover, bank transfer only costs 5 to 10 euro cent and is even free depending on the bank account the customer uses.  

You can still use PayPal or credit cards for the payment upon request, but you should pay an extra fee. Because of that, we don’t want to offer expensive payment methods, as our job is to give the best deals for customers to experience it. That is why the default payment method in our app is bank transfer. 

7. We use your money to pay for the products you order.

Before the products go to the customers, the seller, distributor, and manufacturer need to buy the products with their own money or money from the bank. Thus, the price of the products gets increased at every step. 

Beneko chooses to save more money by using your own money to pay for the products you order. For example, when you want to buy a $500 smartphone and if we use your money to buy the product from the distributor, we can negotiate up to $5 to $10 better price because we use your cash compared to getting a delayed payment from a bank or the distributor. 

We ensure that customers can get the best price by asking them to send the money directly to the seller or distributor of the product, not to us, Beneko. Then the distributor can give a better price because the customer has prepaid the product. So, the price will not increase and we will not need to take a loan from the bank. 

8. We sell your unwanted products and put money back into your pocket.

We ask our customers to return all their old and unwanted products to us either televisions, printers, smartphones, or other electronic devices. We will inspect them and sell them as second-hand products or reuse them for spare parts so we can recover as much money as possible before recycling them. Then we give the money back to the customers in the form of credit which the customers can use for their next payment in our app. 

9. You invest your old electronics into green projects and receive green dividends.

If you have old and unused electronics, you can also invest them into our green projects. You can be the co-owner in Beneko by sending us your old electronics. How does it work? When you invest your old electronics in Beneko, we will sell them and the money that we recover will not be given to you as a credit but we will invest them in our business and you will get a chair in our company.

As we make profits from the customers’ monthly subscription fee, we further invest it in more green projects, for example converting organic trash to electricity and selling them back to the electricity companies. The projects that we will run should be profitable but mainly good for the environment. To create an ever increasing positive impact.

Eventually, the investors who send us back and invest their old electronics will get the profit from these green projects and receive green dividends. 

If you are interested you can contact our owner Stefan Durina to know more about this investment.


Anytime money back guarantee if you are not satisfied!

If you at any moment are not satisfied with our services, please contact us. You can also cancel your subscription at any time. If you feel or think that our service is not worth the money you paid us, we will give you your money back. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We focus on our members. We guarantee all new and used products are sold and resold at cost as part of our transparent pricing model.

We are writing a circular story. NOW. Not in 2050.

Our eco-friendly app stands for economy and ecology and makes circular living much more affordable while also rewarding you for your efforts to lead a sustainable life. Our marketplace is the first of its kind and it’s our mission to show you that sustainable life is not only more affordable, but it is the right thing to do.

I am interested. Tell me more.

Join the platform which allows you to easily contribute to your sustainability goal while simultaneously putting money back in your pocket.

We believe in doing business while doing good. Welcome among our 2 million customers in 28 countries where we form this circular club together.

You choose us because we deliver unmatched services and offer the best value in the industry. Since 1998, our approach to business has helped transform us from a small startup to a leading provider in the EU.

Transparent pricing

Beneko users pay a small subscription fee, which Beneko takes as profit and gives access inside the Beneko app to all products and services at cost, not making a profit on any further transactions, allowing you to enjoy everything at cost. 

All products and services are of the highest quality, original and direct from authorized resellers and distributors across Europe and come with the manufacturer’s warranty as well as Beneko’s lifetime care. Selected models come with next business day repair or exchange. 

We know what to buy and where. Our rich expertise in ecommerce and consumer electronics distribution since 1998 makes us one of the most established purchasing teams in Europe. We could say we know everyone. And everyone knows us.

With our own Product-as-a-Service (PaaS) business model, we are able to provide you access to the latest smartphone at the lowest prices available. Under our PaaS model, devices are sold as a service, which by itself has many other benefits, the most obvious being the price.

When you return the device, the service contract is terminated, the product is renewed and resold as second hand and your Real Usage is calculated: The difference between the cost of the new product and the resale price of the second hand product is what you actually pay.

As we work with hundreds of brands and resellers, we constantly receive great offers for a limited time. You know these as flash sales and we brings them to you in the Beneko app via the Deal of the day, the Deal of the Week and the Theme of the month. 

Credit cards, Paypal, Stripe, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Klarna, Cash on delivery, these all add to our cost when you pay for the products and services. As our mission is to give you all at our cost, by default we accept payments by bank transfer, which is the safest, fastest and cheapest way to pay.

Another method we implemented to save you money, is the use of your money to pay for the products and services you order. This way we avoid the expensive loans and credit lines from bank and use your money to prepay and negotiate even better terms with our suppliers.

We see our average customers save with us yearly 350 Euros. And we offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our service or if you don’t save with our club more than it costs you. 

“I love shopping online, but even more I love to hunt for, find and get great deals and share them with others. That's where the original idea 15 years ago came: Make a website where only the best deals were presented for everyone to benefit.”
Stefan Durina