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Bestcena má dlhú a úspešnú históriu is an online Shop in Slovakia, where only products with the best price on the local market are displayed. Bestcena means best price. 

Bestcena in Slovak Republic was established in 2006 and was operated from headquarters in Kosice, Slovakia. in 2007

After receiving the first order for a Panasonic battery, the business quickly grew to 70+ employees, 3 retail stores and two distribution warehouse, make it a top ecommerce player in Slovakia. and and

After successful expansion into the B2B trading business with TV sets and smartphones, has focused back on building a strong operations in Slovakia with a new ecommerce engine. in 2014

With a strong management team, advanced ecommerce platform and a smooth operations, the average lead time from order to delivery was reduced to 1.4 days.

The killer combination of best prices, next business day delivery, 2 years warranty service and outstanding customer support, the webshop has enjoyed many years of success and customer loyalty on top of a series of awards. trust in 2016 was a leading online shop with top reputation in Slovakia until November 2020 when a series of unfortunate global events hit and the shareholders were forced to shot down all operations. in 2020 as a top webstore LLP in 2022 has acquired the Bestcena brand with active customers in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland and rebranded them to the Beneko brand, which still reflects the economical values of the founder Stefan Durina and add the ecological values needed in the present.