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Buy, sell, rent & repair smartphones

Experience the latest models, lifetime warranty, and flexible returns - all from just €5.00 a month. Pay only for what you use and return items when you're done.

Saving € 345

Saving € 82

Saving € 123

Save on Popular Brands

"I had a fantastic experience with Beneko when selling my smartphone that didn't have eSIM. Their professionalism and transparency exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Beneko to everyone!"

Affordable. Circular. Eco-friendly.

Use what you need, and pay for what you use.
Return items when done and save money while protecting the environment.
Buy, sell, rent, and repair smartphones, find eSIM plans - all in one app.

Minimize Waste, Save Money.

Give new life to used smartphones and recycle responsibly

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Add-on premium services:

Enjoy a lifetime warranty or a next business day repair

Use the product as long
as you want

We are always here for you if anything happens.

Return the used product for
second-hand resale

Save money. Reduce waste.

It’s that easy

Shop, use, return, and let’s do it all over again.

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Low monthly fee with all products and services at cost.

Return products for a second life or final recycling.

Support sustainable solutions for a clean planet

“Joining Beneko App was the best decision I've ever made! I've saved hundreds of euros while also making a positive impact on the environment and promoting zero waste."

99.7% satisfaction rate

in 27 European Union countries + UK

Over 2 million people trust Beneko for their smartphone needs.

Beneko: A Circular Telecom Beyond Single-Use